A recent group exhibition at Agora Gallery featured three artists who employ color, not only on different chromatic and tonal scales, but in many unique shades of expressions. All three artists are represented by the gallery.

Jody Richardson is an international artist whose exhibitions and collectors stretch throughout Canada, England, Italy and the United States. Her unique paintings of enigmatic creatures- a combination of animal, human and imaginary-are richly intriguing and innovative. Open to interpretation the colorful subjects come to life through the artists technical prowess and creativity

Agora Gallery
560 Broadway

 New York, Summer 1992 ARTspeak       

Shows shine at Agora Gallery

        “Visual Narration”

 In the show, “Visual Naration,”Jody’s figure paintings of rock musicians,  fanciful animals, and other subjectshave funky energy reminiscent of John Bratby and the “Kitchen Sink school .” Jody is a contemporary expressionist with a loaded brush and a dramatic way with subject matter.                                                                                                All of these artists have one thing in common: A strong personal vision andthe technical ability to communicate it to the viewer. New York, Summer 1991 ARTspeak

Ariel Gallery

   Jody Richardson is a contemporary expressionist who employs a loaded brush  and intense color in taut compositions,packed with emotional power.Her slashing strokes and strident colors imbue her figurative subjects with astrongly visceral quality. 

Gallery 101

Jody Richardson. Rough and rude fragmented images collide on tattered scraps of paper and canvas. An unfettered imagination explores images of life at home, UFO’s, aliens and other strange happenings.

                 Jody Richardson has been described As”….an unfettered imagination

exploring…”.Richardson’s mind appears to be a playground of sorts. Excess in any art form is laudable, therefore Jody’s work shines. Her child like oil collages on paper and fabric are wild and very intriguing. The crude fragmented images are thought provoking if not totally pleasing.                               Or the energetic janglingAssembly of domestic and fantastic scenes(Richardson) 

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